Message from Secretary, Civil Aviation

Aviation in India supports 7.5 million jobs: 390,00 directly, 570,000 in the value chain, and 6.2 million in tourism. In 2017, 158 million people travelled to/from/or within India. That number is expected to treble to 520 million by 2037. The civil aviation industry in India has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the country during the last three years.

To cater to the rising air traffic, the Government of India has been working towards increasing the number of airports. As of March 2019, India has 103 operational airports and has envisaged increasing the number of operational airports to 190-200 in the next 5 years.

A dedicated National Aviation University is a step forward to facilitate the growth of aviation in India, which is a highly technology-and-skill oriented sector and cater to its requirement of skilled professionals. Hence, with the launch of the first PG Diploma course in August, 2019, RGNAU will be committed to keep itself on the edge of the academic and technical innovation.

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