Campus Life


As we joined the first NATIONAL AVIATION UNIVERSITY of INDIA a pride in its own, made the fear of study and workload creep into our minds on the very first day of joining. The study material in spite of being so vast is made vibrant and very interesting. The study material on 2D papers of the books are made to come out in dimensions of 3 by our very talented faculty. No working day is the same here. Each day every faculty greets us with new and innovative and creative activities to ensure we are always buzzing with energy.

The day here begins with soft music played on speakers installed all over the campus, so soothing they are to the ears early in the morning. The University classes start from 0900h before which we grab a bite at the mess and get on the bus and are set off for our classes. The classes start with the reading of newspaper headlines. We have no idea as to what is coming next, there may be classes or a surprise task may be assigned and next we would be found in some corner of the campus as instructed by our faculty doing it. Then we break for our lunch at 1300h prior to which we are given a time of 45 minutes.

cam3In these 45 minutes there are some students found playing table tennis in the University building, which has become a Happy Addiction for most of the students and the rest may be found at different places in the campus like the library which has a wide collection of books on aviation or IT labs working on assignments or doing research. After our lunch we are back to the University, still having no clue as to what is going to come up next? Is it an assignment, a quiz or some project? This suspense keeps the thrill on! Every day we are shown video clips on aircraft activities, accidents and ground activities. Our day at the University ends at 1715h.

This end does not mean the end of the day, we go back to the Hostel for refreshing snacks and more often than not we are greeted with assignments as well. We then sit together munching and brainstorming on the topic to find out a solution on how to complete the task given. After which we again go back to our Happy Addiction of playing Table Tennis or we might be found gyming or playing different indoor/ outdoor sports. The day ends with a walk around the campus after dinner and back we are to our rooms which again are very comfortable and luxurious.

cam4Each day here is a new day all together and is filled with more and more challenges which keep us on our toes at the same time the fresh air in the campus keeps us rejuvenated.